3.2 Start for DW

3.2 is here so I'll sum you up what Specs are going to be good for the start:

1. Frost DW Spec - 0/53/18

IT - PS - OB - BS - BS - FS
OB - OB - OB - FS - (FS)

Priority Rotation (most important at the top):
- Frost Fever
- Blood Plague
- Killing Machine + Rime
- Obliterate
- Blood Strike
- Frost Strike

The rotation focuses on the power of Obliterate, therefore the diesease must be up! Killing Machine and Rime procs are to be used together to get the optimal DPS.

Presence: Blood presence
Runeforges: FC/RI
Sigil: Awareness

2. Frost DW Spec - 3/51/17

This spec sacrifices IIT in order to improve personal DPS. As such, it can skip the 6 points used for (Improved) Icy Talons, letting it pick up every other DPS talent in the frost tree and leaving 3 points for utility talents. It uses "Glyph of Disease" to maximise the usage of Obliterate and Rime procs.

OB - OB - BS - Pest - FS
OB - OB - (FS) - OB - FS

Presence: Blood presence
Runeforges: FC/RI
Sigil: Awareness

3. Unholy DW Spec - 0/17/54

First simulations show that Unholy DW may keep up with the new Frost DW. So this spec uses only single rune attacks, and generates massive runic power in order to fuel death coil. This Spec will take the most advantage from the new Unholy Blight spell. This spec also features a near 100% uptime on ghoul frenzy.

PS - IT - BS - DC - GhulFuror - IT - BS - DC
PS - IT - IT - DC - DC - PS - IT - IT - DC - DC

Presence: Unholy - You need a lower GCD to fit all the single rune attacks.
Runeforges: FC/FC
Sigil: Vengeful heart

I'll try the first spec today and I am really looking forward to that!

Source: ElitistJerks DW Thread