I was just thinking about my trispecc, which I now call "DW Trybrid". Most people suggest to go one tree deep until the ultimate... something like deep Frost for DW, or even deep Unholy.

I don't think that this is a good idea. Sure, your Dmg won't be calculated from your weapondmg at all, but what I ask myself... will this scale better than a Trybrid?

When doing a "Trybrid" specc, nearly all your skills that you are going to use are pushed in Crit and Dmg, and also your overall white damage will get an extreme boost... it seems that like everything starts to scale from everything.

Thinking of being lvl 80, this could look something like this:


To sum up the synergies:

5% more Crit
9% more Crit on Oblit and BS (sumed up 14% additional Crit)
6% Crit on Plague Strike (sumed up 11% additional Crit on this attack)
6 % more Shadowdamage (pushing Necrosis,Death Pact, Diseases)
15 % more Physical and Shadowdamage w Bloody Vengeance
11 % more Strength (Pushing everything)
15% more Haste w Icy Talons (Pushing swings and Necrosis)
3% Hit and 15% Offhand damage
10% AP proccing w Obliterate
25 AP per 1000 Armour
Necrosis and Blood Caked Blades for Auto Attacks

Of course this is all just theory for now. But I am doing very well with it while questing, and I can really feel every point I gain with equip. Sure we now need to see how this will be at 80 in decent equip... and when raiding in high end equip. But for that we will have to wait quite a while. Depends on how fast I will go when WotLK goes live.


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Stendk said...

Myself i think a trispec like yours is the way to go if you want to dps as DW for PVE. Increasing your white dps as much as possible with high hit chance and attack power in end game. I tried a similar spec in utgarde keep at 70 and did ok, didnt have any damage meter installed tho so couldnt compare with the blood dk in the group, but with the lack of good hit rating or stats in general on the leveling gear i dont think my dmg was very high.