Unholy DW surprise

So yesterday I was able to get an impression of Unholy when DWing. And boy was I surprised, the new Scourge Strike is awesome, hitting for nearly 7000 dmg critical - with a one hand weapon!

Also I finally saw my first Blood-Caked Blades procc in the combat log.

Here you have some screenshots of my combat log, sorry for the german, I'll explain everything below the Image:

Scourge Strike hits critcal for 6558 dmg.

Scourge Strike hits critical for 6804 dmg.

Scourge Strike hits for 2860 dmg
Necrosis proccs for 119 dmg
Blood-Caked Blade proccs for 413 dmg

Here you can see the recount after a few mobs, showing that Scourge Strike is first, followed by White Hits and Unholy Blight.

My third movie is in progress, showing the Trybrid build and some farming with Unholy build. As for now, the Unholy specc is in advantage... doing way more damage, and giving a nice combination through the synergies for shadow damage.

The build I used for those screenshots was:


At lvl 80 this could look like:


Hopefully I can release the third movie tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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