Naxx Patchwork

Yesterday we did Naxx normal mode and I recorded the Patchwork fight with my recount... was a very clean and fast encounter, see for details:

- Melee
- Howling Blast (with about 61% crit)
- Icy Touch (with about 64% crit)
- BCB (big surprise - had good proccs!!)
- Frost Fever
- Blood Plague
- DeathCoil
- Necrosis

I really was surprised by BCB, I hade many proccs and it did some nice damage for 3 points. I wish Necrosis would be that viable for the 5 points... HB and IT were both above 60% crit. And finally Patchi dropped the fast 1.6 sword for my mainhand, now I have two fast weapons for further testing.

There can be more DPS, I was just missing some more raid buffs and stuff... lets wait for the next time in heroic mode :-)


Aleksander said...

Hey there. I just want too thank you for this awsome detailed DPS site for us few Dual Wielding Death Knights. Currently iam almost using the same specc as you. When popping everything i have(Raid Buffed) Iam around 3500-4100 DPS if everything goes well^^ And its nice too see that you update whenever you can. Love seeing if you found anything else that can inscrease our dps. Good work pal, thanks for sharing this viable info with the rest of the world:D
Cheers from Unzeal(Dragonmaw EU)

Metalhawk - Jubei-Thos Alliance DK said...

Your site is Proleet. Any chance you could make a detailed summary of your tests, Specs, Spell Rotation, what is the stat of choice, ie, haste rating over expertise, stuff like that, that would be so awesome.

Koresan said...

hi edurol
just found your site and i'm very thankful for your blog as i'm a dw, too. the other dks in my guild smiled at me 'till they saw my first raid stats. gear and weapons are standard, but i even outnumbered our classleader referring to the damageoutput and his gear is far better than mine. damage is nothing without skill... and rota. ^^

great work... keep up the good stuff. ;)