Patch 3.0.8

The Patch is finally going live in Europe today. You can already download it, but you cannot login on your server.

For more patch details and a complete list you can visit mmo-champion here.

DeathKnight Changes:

  • All multi-rune abilities generate 15 runic power.
  • Anti-Magic Shell: The cooldown has been lowered to 45 sec from 60 sec.
  • Anti-Magic Zone: This ability’s duration has been cut to 10 seconds.
  • Blood Aura now grants 2/4% instead of 1/2% healing.
  • Blood Presence now grants 2/4% instead of 1/2% healing.
  • Bloody Strikes will receive extra bonus damage from Pestilence.
  • Bone Shield: The mitigation has been reduced from 40% to 20%.
  • Corpse Explosion: Damage increased substantially, added 5 sec. cooldown, and changed cost to 40 runic power.
  • Dark Command: Range increased to 30 yards.
  • Death Pact now grants 40% instead of 20% healing.
  • Frost Presence: The bonus armor has been increased from 60 to 80% and magic damage reduction increased from 5 to 15%.
  • Heart Strike no longer has a haste debuff but will now be able to strike two targets.
  • Horn of Winter now has no cost and grants 10 runic power in addition to its stat buff, but has a 20 second cooldown.
  • Icebound Fortitude now reduces damage by 20% instead of 50%. The amount of damage reduced increases with bonus Defense (to about 35% for 540 Defense, but can go higher).
  • Killing Machine: Instead of a chance to be triggered on critical strike, this talent now has a chance to be triggered on each swing based on the swing time of the weapon (slow weapons more likely, fast weapons less likely).
  • Mark of Blood: The total amount of healing this can grant is now capped based on a percentage of standard creature health at the target’s level.
  • Night of the Dead now grants 40/70% passive area spell avoidance to your pet in addition to its current effects.
  • Outbreak will no longer receive bonus damage from pestilence. The bonus from Plague Strike and Blood Boil has been increased slightly.
  • Pestilence no longer has a 10 seconds cooldown.
  • Raise Dead has now been split into two spells:
  • Raise Dead now raises a ghoul or pet ghoul (if talented). Requires corpse dust if no humanoid corpse is nearby.
  • Raise Ally now raises a fallen party member as a ghoul and has no reagent. Available at level 72. This should now last for 4 minutes.
  • Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle (two-handed only) now grants 25 Defense and 2% Stamina.
  • Rune Strike: Damage decreased from 200% to 150% but threat increased to 150% from 100%.
  • Shadow of Death: The duration has been changed from 45 seconds to 25 secondsseconds and now has a 15 minute cooldown.
  • Summon Gargoyle: Damage dealt by the Gargoyle reduced by approximately 20% and maximum duration cut to 30 seconds.
  • Unholy Blight had had its cost reduced from 60 to 40 runic power.
  • Wandering Plague will now properly reset after being castand now considers the resilience of the target in determining its chance to be triggered.
  • Vampiric Blood (DK) changed from 20% health / 50% healing to 15 % health / 35% healing.
  • Will of the Necropolis will now reduce the damage of any attack that takes the DK below 35% health by 5 /10/15% instead of boosting armor when wounded. It no longer affects the cooldown of Anti-Magic Shell and retains the current damage reduction bonus.

DeathKnight BugFixes:

  • Blood Aura Will now always do the correct amount of healing, based on the actual damage taken of the target.
  • Blood Caked Blade: Now does the proper damage amount when triggered by an off-hand weapon.
  • Bloody Strikes: The tooltip for this talent now has correct values.
  • Butchery: Will now always grant 20 runic power, regardless of the creature type killed.
  • Chains of Ice: This ability is no longer able to land on death knights who have Anti-Magic Shell active.
  • Crypt Fever: It is no longer possible to have a duration longer than the disease which caused it. Will also no longer incorrectly increase Death and Decay damage.
  • Corpse Explosion: Fixed a bug where how much Runic Power the Death Knight had was affecting the damage done, and also increased the damage substantially.
  • Dancing Rune Blade: The weapon no longer echoes the Raise Dead and Army of the Dead spells. In addition it will now more closely match the master’s damage and will cast Rune Strike when its master does.
  • Death Chill: The effect from this talent will no longer be consumed if Killing Machine is active.
  • Death Pact: This will no longer cause guards to attack the Death Knight.
  • Desecration: will no longer break stealth.
  • Ebon Plague: It is no longer possible to have a duration longer than the disease which caused it. It will no longer stack with Crypt Fever used by another character.
  • Frost Fever: This talent now works properly when spell reflected.
  • Gnaw: This ghoul ability is now able to be set on autocast.
  • Icy Clutch: This will now be applied properly in all cases to targets that gain Frost Fever via the Pestilence ability.
  • Mark of Blood now works correctly with periodic damage.
  • Pestilence: The diseases will now spread correctly even when the damage from Pestilence kills the primary target.
  • Raise Dead no longer puts you in combat when you cast this spell.
  • Shadow of Death: This ability will no longer cause tracking abilities to become inactive when the death knight becomes a ghoul.
  • Tundra Stalker (Rank 1) will now work properly on Death and Decay.
  • Unholy Blight: Will no longer cause spell pushback

There still is a BUG on US servers where HB shows no CD in the tooltip, but triggers one. This will be fixed soon, so unfortunately HB will keep its new 5 sec CD:

"Howling Blast has a 5 sec cooldown. There is a tooltip error where it appears that the spell has no cooldown, but the game will still enforce one.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We plan on getting the tooltip corrected as soon as we can."

Source: Off. Forums

Hopefully I will be able to do some first testing tonight, and at the end of the week I will have my next raid in Naxxramas normal... so we will see how 0/32/39 will do for now.

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