Blue Post PTR

Newest Bluepost on the DualWield Problem:

We want both dual wielding and 2-handers to be viable for Death Knights, balancing both of these inside each tree has been exceptionally challenging and caused an issue or two. If we have to make it so DKs have one type of fighting, it will be the 2-handers.

We are considering something like making the frost tree the dual-wield tree, so some frost specific abilities would hit with both weapons through that tree only, and then have unholy/blood as 2-hand focused. Nothing is set in stone though.

Great, I don't know what they test or how they test, but DW is far away from being viable on the PTR now. It really is a mysterium to me how Blizzard is testing... we will never understand it.

As for that bluepost, I am surprised they picked up my idea I came up with months ago. The problem are the talent trees, so take one and transform it into a DW tree and seperate the talents for DW from Twohand.

If Blizzard would only listen a bit to some experienced players...

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