The new talent for DualWield has risen some speculations. How will it work?

Some players think that the OH will not count for the damage, just the MH is important for calculatig the strike damage which will be cut in "half" for the OH strike.

But honestly, me and some other "Theorycrafters" think, that this won't be the way it will be done. This would mean that it wont matter what weapon you put in your OH. An ilvl 1 Dagger would do it for that. So it seems like, after the problems Blizzard spotted with our Procs using faster weapons, a calculation for OH based on the Strike you used and the weapon dmg of the weapon will be the way it will be done.

So if you strike with f.a. Obliterate, the strike will be calculated for the MH and seperately for the OH. Then, the OH damage will "roughly" be cut in "half", equaling the damage that you will do to the target.

In a formular:

x% of MH weapon dmg + y% per Disease = dmg1
x% of OH weapon dmg + y% per Disease = dmg2
dmg1 + (dmg2 * 0.5) = dmgTotal

Found this on the EJ Forums, thanks to the Author for that!

So what does that mean? Easy to say:

SLOW weapons will be more important for us!

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