Further DPS testing...

Huanz from the official EU Beta Forum did some further tests regarding DW Frost and 2 Hand Frost as well as blood to compare the DPS and the Damage at Level 73... and here you have the suprise:

DW can keep up with 2 Hand!!!

And here you have the stats with pictures, short explanation afterwards...

Deep Blood 2 Hand

DPS: ~1170
Build: 51/0/13

Deep Frost 2 Hand

DPS: ~1290
Build: 15/49/0

Deep Frost Dual Wield

DPS: ~1320
Build: 5/44/15

Rotation (after a few Cycles):

IT -> PS -> BS -> IT (BotN DeathRune) -> HB -> Frost Strike -> Frost Strike

Comparison and conclusion:

So here you have the surprise ... just being at lvl 73 shows, what potential lies beneath DW.
To sum it up:

Frost DW does about 1320 DPS, infight there can be peaks to nearly 1400 DPS
3-spec DW does about 1220 DPS, infight there can be peaks to nearly 1300 DPS

Frost 2H does about 1290 DPS, infight there can be peaks to nearly 1400 DPS
Blood 2H does about 1170 DP S, infight there can be peaks to nearly 1200 DPS

Frost shows much potential for good burst, resulting in higher peaks during fight. It seems realistic that at lvl 80 you can easily reach peaks over 2000 DPS. Followed by that is my trispec, showing more consistent DPS and also some potential... maybe I can get a few pieces of better gear than my green quest stuff and some new weapons.


JC said...

Nice testing, Thank you.

What is the DPS mod you're using for that?

Anonymous said...

"Recount" afaik