New DPS Test

I reached lvl 72 and wanted to try my developed Trispec again, last time at 70 I was able to get over 1000 dps... this time I managed to break that again:

My Trispec for that level is a mixture of deeper blood combined with the best synergies from Frost and Unholy - click for the link:


For the ones who are not familiar with german recount:

1. White Damage
2. Obliterate
3. Necrosis
4. Blood Strike
5. Death Pact

Really interesting to see the DMG of Necrosis reaching 12%. I did not skill BCB because it still seems to be buggy, but those 3 points are reserved when BCB is working.

And it is good to see how the pure DMG is scaling with Hit, Crit and AP... 2 levels, a bit of better gear and a fixed rotation brought me nearly 200 dps from the last time. This also is because of the pushed up synergies you get when speccing a "Trybrid", nearly all your skills that you are going to use are pushed in Crit and Dmg, and also your overall white damage will get an extreme boost.

At lvl 80 this could look something like this:


To sum up the synergies:

5% Crit
9% Crit on Oblit and BS
6% Crit on Plague Strike
6 % more Shadowdamage (necrosis ftw)
15 % more Physical and Shadowdamage (yay more necrosis)
11 % more Strength
15% more haste via icy talons
3% Hit and 15% Offhand damage
10% AP proccing on Obliterate
25 AP per 1000 Armour
Necrosis and Blood Caked Bake for Auto Attacks

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