Dear Jayde...

Everyone seems to know you in US Beta Forums:


Don't get me wrong now, dear Jayde - I like how you put effort in the DK and try to make him better than he is now.

But you always forget 1 thing:

Dual Wield

The DK has the choice to do DW, but you really ignore that. It seems that you try to push everything in the direction you want it to be:

2 Handed Damage

That is not fair, nor correct. As a Beta Tester, you should test both sides and post suggestions to improve both sides. Your own opinion does not matter, as a Beta Tester you should be as neutral as possible and leave the choice to the players out there if they want to DW or 2Hand.

But please stop pushing everything in the "wrong" direction and try to keep thinking if your suggested changes would also be viable for DW or would it even make more worse.

Feel free to contact me, maybe we can find a way and work together.



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