Got the Chance to test Nexus with a new Trispecc... I'll post the thoughts on this one later:


Here you can see my recount after finishing:

Second place behind elemental Shaman... which is no prob for me because I know how awesome they DPS.

As you can see, most of my damage is white hits, followed by Obliterate and Necrosis. I wish BCB would work so I could skill that and see what it does...

But this trispecc has potential, and I think at 80 with nearly 3000 AP, 40% Crit, Hitcap and Haste, this build will do a tremendous amount of dmg.

I for now think that Frost is not satisfying for me as DW... when you skill Frost while DWing, the only strong spell not linked to your weapon damage is HB... the rest is not changing. It is like 2hand specc, and that is why I don't like it.

I really believe in the Trispecc with as many synergies as possible to be the ultimate style for DW DK. Surely 2h will scale better with all strikes, but a DK with 2h will never do a balanced trispecc to get every synergy for STR + CRIT that is there... he will focus on a tree to do good damage using a good rotation.

When DWing, most of the dmg comes from white hits, necrosis and something like Blood Strike or Obliterate. So it is clear for me that boosting ap, hit and crit, you will boost your white dmg and overall dps way up.

So I developed this Trispecc:


You get all important synergies for boosting damage of your white hits and crits... with the rotation:

IT - PS - OB - BS - BS - OB

or when "death rune mastery" finally is working:

IT - PS - DS - BS - BS - OB - OB - OB

The fact here is, that you push the dmg or your swings with necrosis and bcb, overall with bloody vengance... and you could put the 1 point from hysteria into shadow of death for even more str.

It just seems logical to me... My recount always shows that White Hits, Obliterate and Necrosis are leading - so I push that as far as possible.

Frost may be nice now for leveling with some sweet burst, but imho it is a 2h build (frost strike scaling way better with 2h) which has no real difference to DW, also for now this is the overpowered build like blood was before...

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