Testing DPS in Blasted Lands...

Being lvl 71 I wanted to test a few speccs after the newest build had arrived:

1st Fight with Unholy Aura

2nd Fight with Blood A ura

Specc was a Trispecc in both fights and lasting for about 3 minutes:


Then I specced deep Frost with Unholy, fight lasting about 4 mins with active blood aura:

Specc was:


Without "Merciless Combat", so you have the "real" numbers.

My conclusion:

Blood Aura seems to scale the damage better up, than the haste effect of the Unholy Aura does. This results in nearly more then 100 dps of damage on my level in this test.

Frost seems to be capable of doing more dps for a DW DK ... I just don't have the perfect rotation for it now, need a little practice. But the frost damage and the many guaranted crits are really boosting the DPS way up.

The first mobs in Northend with Frost where also no problem, I killed them really fast and was doing around 800 dps after a few mobs. That is an increase of over 200 dps for me.

Only prob for now is the missing selfheal... lvl 71 mobs really hit harder.

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