Unholy DW in Nexus

So with the new unholy DW specc I went Nexus to try it out. It was awesome, with a good tank there is no prob bringing diseases up an all nearby mobs and then Unholy Blight and SS. Just brutal damage... and it is just fun.

See for yourself - recount after finishing Nexus:

1st is me
2nd is DK with Blood 2Hand
3rd is Elemental Shaman in decent badgegear

For now it seems that Frost and Unholy are farewell balanced out, a bit to much burst possible with Unholy at the moment, and I think Blood-Caked Blade needs some working... proccing way to less, maybe just every few mobs.

Blood is surely underpowered at the moment, there is no way to keep up with Frost or Unholy at the moment - and also I was thinking about my Trybrid specc, which may be usable in Raids at lvl 80, but for questing / leveling it's better to go Frost or Unholy at the moment. You lack the selfhealing, but you bash the mobs fast.

And for the critics out there... there are other classes who also do 7000 or 8000 crits, so we are not the only ones. And it seems to me, that balancing is focused on lvl 80 raids and not the questing before.


Ariana said...

Tried any tanking yet?
A bit curious about if increased boss/elite parries are a problem with a DW spec. While leveling up.

Keep up the good work, interesting to see some exploring of the non 2h aspects of the DK.

Gnomerie - EU Dragonblight said...

Hi there! I saw your blog from the WotLK DK Forums. Nice to see another DK-focused blog. I'll add yours to my bloglist. Hope you can check mine out sometime too :)


teh603 said...

I know this isn't 100% relevant to the post I'm replying this to, but it is relevant to dual wielding:

http://deathknight.info/2008/09/dkpriest-mc-and-blue-news-and-drunken-posts/ (also linked as the URL in this post).

Its down near the bottom, where Ghostcrawler says the emphasis for DKs will be more on sustained DPS than big crits. Which makes me jump for joy, because it means there'll be less of the whole "slowest weapon possible, least white damage" onus for DKs that there is for shamans and retlol pallies.

Naivedo said...

I tried your spec out with my lvl 80 premade Death Knight Orc and got 4th place in DPS out of 25 people. Pretty damn good spec. Scourge Strike is so buff. :D

Oh and it was my first time raiding. If I work out a perfect combo, I could get first place.

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