Beta Nerf

And here it is, with the new build 8905 the big nerf for DKs hit us... what this will mean for DW I will see in the next days, but I don't have a good feeling about it.


* Blood Strike now deals 50% weapon damage and bonus damage lowered for all ranks.
* Heart Strike now deals 50% weapon damage and bonus damage lowered for all ranks.
* Strangulate damage lowered.
* Blood Boil range reduced to 10 yards.
* Blood Tap mana cost reduced.


* Might of Morgraine (Tier 9) now affects Obliterate. Critical Strike Damage bonus has been reduced to 15/30/45%. (Previously 20/40/60%)
* Death Rune Mastery (Tier 3) now requires you to hit the target.


* Obliterate bonus damage lowered.
* Icy Touch damage lowered.
* Frost Strike now deals 50% weapon damage and bonus damage lowered for all ranks.


* Blood of the North (Tier 8 ) has been changed to 3 ranks.
* Merciless Combat (Tier 6) now increases damage done with Howling Blast, Frost Strike, Icy Touch, and Obliterate to targets under 35% by 10/20%.(Previously increased damage by 30/60%)


* Corpse Explosion damage lowered.
* Death Coil damage lowered.
* Death Strike bonus damage lowered.
* Death and Decay damage lowered.
* Plague Strike now deals 30% weapon damage and bonus damage increased for all ranks.
* Scourge Strike now deals 65% weapon damage and bonus damage lowered for all ranks.
* Death Gate now has a 1 minute cooldown.


* Summon Gargoyle (Tier 5) runic power cost lowered to 30. (Previously was 50)
* Outbreak (Tier 3) no longer affects Scourge Strike. It now increases the damage of Plague Strike in addition to Blood Boil and Pestilence by 10%.
* Unholy Command (Tier 2) no longer affects the cooldown of Dark Command.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, could mean that Blood got a relative buff compared to the other trees. Due to lack of beta account on my side, could you test a 51 blood build?

Anonymous said...

It looks like a nerf but the DK was a bit overpowered, belive it or not. So I think the lowered dmg is quite ok.b And due to the Fact that the DK is more or less some kind of a hybrid everyting is ok.

Anonymous said...

That a nerfs comes was absolutly clear. I like my Dk but the Dmg was too hard. 2hits and the mob was dead.
More than 2 mobs with a higher lvl than mine at the same time!? No Problem!
But in fact the nerf is also too hard. But I think they would change something again.
Bevor the Nerf i questet with Unholy, no i switched back to blood.
1 thing what has to be changed is the dancing rune weapon. The cd is much too high. Would should an blood DK do with his runepower??? Nothing for 2min. Of course you can spam deathcoil, but the dmg is weak and you have no benefits.
An Unholy for example can call an gargoyle or use unholy blight.
Blizz should rework the blood talent. max 1min cd and it stays for 30sec. Or give the blood dk another spell witch uses runepower.

What the dmg at the endgame matters, we have to see.
In some lvl77 Magevids i see frostfire bolts with 7k dmg.
maybe also an real CD is nessecary. the Dk has not a real one. Just slowers. Every other class has at min. one. or maybe blizz schould think about to make the dk immun to any cd over time.

Another question. How does calling a Guhl works in the arena?`At the begin of the arena there is no humanoid corpse to call one. So you loss a lot of damage and you have to wait until an opponet is death, and thats weak.

Anonymous said...

I mean CC not CD;)

Ryan said...

Edurol whereever did you disappear to? :) I was enjoying your focus on dual wield DK's!

Anonymous said...

man keep on going your bloq was so damn good i hope this is not the end...