Dual Wield DPS movie

I did a short movie to show 2 different builds doing Dual Wield, the first one is the Trispecc and the second one is a DW Frost Specc. No big surprise that Frost is stronger for now, better burst and magic damage which is not related to your weapons.

The Trispecc is really hard to play at 70 with the first equip pieces from quests in Northrend, and so I think I am going to drop this until 80. Frost DW is playing very smooth and the burst is really usefull in most of the situations.

Enough for the talking, have fun with the short clip:



Anonymous said...

The dps values are kinda blurr, if im not mistaken its 620 for trispec vs 930 for frost, am i right?

Besides, whats the song you use in 2nd part of the movie?

Edurol said...

Song posted above.
Yes u r right, Trispecc was very bad at about 620 DPS, Frost was reaching up to 1000 and sometimes got over it, but that was a bit to long for the movie ^^

Anonymous said...

Either I´m blind or the name of the 2nd song isnt mentioned anywhere here.