Nexus Experience

Today I got the chance to visit Nexus a few times with the DW Frost Specc I am currently using.
The first run was with 5 people, one of those a very good Druid Tank doing some
nice damage as you can see in the small recount window on the lower right.

There were no problems in Nexus, sometimes I pulled aggro but I compensated this with Icebound Fortitude and Lichborne, pulling some nice damage with Howling Blast and Frost Strike. To explain the window for you:

1. Howling Blast
2. Melee
3. Frost Strike
4. Icy Touch
5. Frost Fever
6. Blood Fever

The two following runs were done with only 4 people, the tank and me remaining, plus Shadowpriest and Shaman Healer. We decided to try that because the druid and me
were doing decent damage, and doing it with only 4 will result in some more XP.

And it worked out pretty well, no problems, no wipes, going through it in about 40 minutes:

Showing the same order of the skills, and also a good average DPS of over 1000. I had some decent Howling Blast crits with over 3500, it is a lot of fun using this build!
What also is interesting - Melee Physical Swings always do 25 to 30% of the overall damage!

Specc I am now using:


Reached level 71 tonight, and after 3 times doing Nexus the cool Plate Shoulders dropped,
looking pretty nice on Edu:


Hammerjudge said...

Hi, could you link the frost spec you're using? It wasn't in the blog. Came here via dk.info forum post.

Edurol said...

Thx, inserted it at the end of the posting :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have gone away from the Trispec. Care to explain why? No BCB and no Necrosis ! Sounds harsh. :)

Edurol said...

I explained it in one of the postings, the Trispecc is not really viable to play in Northrend because of the lack of equipment... no Burst, nothing against 2 or 3 mobs at once. Lets see how it will do at 80 in raids :)

Gravity said...
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Gravity said...

I might try this too, looks great.

Anonymous said...

hi there =)
ur inteface looks great...maybe u could share it with us?