Nexus Adventure Part II

Today I was feeling a bit better and got a fast chance to get Nexus going again and finish those damn quests... Random group, another DW Frost Tank was our Maintank, interesting thing was that he was not able
to keep up in the damage.

I was just duelling with the Rogue, but at the end of the instance he was not able to keep up with me. It was
really fun, I did some offtanking and protected the
healer when there was an add. There is much
more potential in DualWield, really looking forward to
do more!

And for all of you out there who speak german, I started my DualWield Guide in the official forums:



jurgen said...

du a froge, wie schauts aus wos mochst du fir a rota mit deina DW-Frost skillung??
kanast ma des pls sogn??


Edurol said...

Wurde hier auf dem Blog schon mal gepostet, les dich einfach ein bisserl durch :)

jurgen said...

ajo sry^^

hab ich jetzt schon gefunden!!!
blog von dir gefällt mir ganz gut vorallem des den blog ein österreicher betreibt!!


Anonymous said...

so that the tank couldn't reach you in dps is normal because of spending his runes, abilities etc. for tanking and not for the dps prority.