Today I got the chance to tank Azjol-Nerub as
Frost DW, I was very curious because I never
got the chance to visit this Dungeon during Beta.
There were no big problems, the second DK was
Unholy and was keeping up in damage, but at
the end I was the lead.

Healing was done by a Retribution Paladin in
Healgear... sometimes it was a bit close to
0% hp, but THX to Icebound Fortitude and
Antimagic-Shell I managed to hold on.

Was really fun, my Runestrike triggered so often I was even running out of Runicpower.
When pulling a mob group, I parried really often... even 3 or 4 times in a row,
getting no damage.

This will be really interesting at 80 in decent gear, I can imagine to parry / dodge
very often. My gear is improving for now, gathering more and more tank items.
Hopefully I can tank the next Dungeon pretty soon.

Build used: 5/53/7

If you have questions, do not hesitate and go on!


jurgen said...

so ich weiß das jz offtopic ist nur, würde es mich interressieren was für aura du eigentlich immer aktiv hast wennste dmg machst??


Anonymous said...
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