Spell Rotation

Since I got asked a few times on mmo-champion.com and in the offical wow-forum, I now give some advice for rotation as DW Frost DK during leveling in Outland.

Thanks to Blood of the North, we can do two different rotations. My simple rotation is like:

Icy Touch - PlagueStrike - BloodStrike - BloodStrike - FrostStrike - HowlingBlast

or just in a different way:

Icy Touch - PlagueStrike - BloodStrike - HowlingBlast - Frost Strike - Blood Strike

But you can also change the rotation, depending on the runic power. I really have enough of it, so most of the fights I can start like:

IT - PS - BS - FS - FS - HB - BS

So, using Blood of the North I charge both Death Runes, and using following rotation at the next mob:

IT - PS - BS - HB - FS- HB - FS

No mob is surviving this, also very nice for groups. A very good t hing about Frost DW is the proccing Killing Machine, it's up most of the time, resulting in nice HB and FS crits :)

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