Edurol is doing pretty well, after about 3 hours from the start I reached 59 and got to Outland, gathering all the stuff from the mules to start skilling Blacksmith, and also to get my 2 swords I bought.

Looking pretty fine I think, and the leveling is going really nice. I use Crusader on the Main and Rune of Black Ice on the Offhand for some debuff proccs.

I started with 15 points into blood and the rest into frost, burst damage is good and every mob was down after not even 1 rotation. The "big nerf" is not really as hard as I thought in Beta.

This screenshots shows me after finishing everything on the Hellfire-Peninsula, with my sweet little undead dragon from the CE.

Just love this thing, they really did this one well :)

I easily reached 62 with alle the quests, finding some other guys to finish the group quests. I then headed to the next area, many more quests to do and surely getting 63 in about 2 hours.

For now I reached the 63, and got me my 2 Axes with the same enchantments as the swords. They really look sweet on a Deathknight :)

I changed my talents now, and took 2 points from Blood to get Frost Strike a bit earlier. My current talent build is looking like that:


Doing very well with this one, I have more chances to use my runic power... I had to much of it for now to use, Frost Strike is using it up pretty well. Better than the old costs of 1 Frost Rune.

So, I may finish all quests of this swamp tonight, and then I'll go over to Terokkar to do 64 and maybe 65, to off to Nagrand. Really looking forward to it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)


Anonymous said...

Whats your spell rotation? and how are you liking lvling as frost? I cant decide which spec is best

Joe said...

What weapons were you sporting in the screen shot. And what did you use when you first came to Outland?