WotLK Launch

Today, finally... first time I woke up was like 4 am in the morning (german time), I was so nervous ;-) Then I got up at 6 am, and travelled to a store near me, which opened at 7 am. When I got there, I noticed it had opened earlier this morning and oh boy, what a crowd in there.

So many different people there, and this just in a small area of Vienna. Holy crap.
I lined up, and saw some Collectors Editions from the far... and I got there, asked the guy "Are those reserved for someone?" - he looked at me, took one in his hands and reached it to me.


Everything went fine, no problems during installation, just this strange DK bug... if you cannot do a DK, even if you have a 55+ char, just do a new lvl 1 char, log in, log out, and then - voila, you can do a DK.

And here he is, allmighty Edurol, I have chosen a Nightelve for now because he looks a bit cooler and smoother in my opinion. No problems in the starting area, nearly no none there this morning, and I reached level 59 now in about 3 hours.

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