Drak'Tharon and Gundrak

The next step with my DeathKnight, now level 76, was to do Drak'Tharon and Gundrak. I got the chance to visit those 2 dungeons with a group of very nice random players, lead by a druid tank. I took the chance to record some fights and boss fights to cut a new movie for all of you - you can download it there:

In this movie you can see, how DualWield Frost is working out. You will see some nice crits, triple crits, some basic tactics and you can study my rotation in different situations. Hopefully you like the video, I did my best to put some new music in it ;-)

First we got to Drak'Tharon, it was very interesting, beautiful design, I liked it a lot. I was there with a new, some kind of "Offtank" Frost build, which is good for leveling and can be used to tank or help in hard situations. You can check it out here: 15/52/0

We had no problems, no wipes, everything was going fine, the druid tank pulled of some nice damage, but I was able to catch up at the end of the run, recount showing the following:

After this run, we decided to visit the next dungeon, which was Gundrak, and switched the enhancer with a shadowpriest. After I warmed up in Drak'Tharon, I was able to work on my rotation and do some better damage. I love mob groups, and there were a lot in this dungeon. I also had no big aggro problems, which was very surprising because I did not skill "Subversion" in Blood. Sometimes I got close to pulling aggro, and in 1 or 2 cases I pulled it from a mob, but that was no big deal, thanks to the offtank build I am using. I even pulled off some adds that were disturbing our healer, or pulled some ranged mobs to our tank with Death Grip.

Recount after finishing the dungeon:

As you can see, Howling Blast is showing some nice amount of crits: 57,4%
After that, Melee , Icy Touch and FrostStrike are following.
Those are also my main attack skills I use in most of the fights. I did not use RuneStrike much, because I was behind the mobs and not really parrying anything. I kinda missed this, because after a rotation using Howling Blast and spending RunicPower, I was missing something I could use.

BloodStrike isn't really doing any damage, I just use it to keep my Death Runes up and the cooldown running to keep Blade Barriere.

To see melee on 1st or 2nd place most of the time, it really gets more and more important to stack Hit, Crit and AP. This will push the damage for a DualWield DeathKnight a lot, resulting in more white damage, more crits and as a result of that, more Killing Machine !!

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Anonymous said...

Hey i watched that video, and your dmg was pretty damn awesome, i was wondering as that spec, what was your 1-2 skill rotation =/