Level 80

I reached level 80 tonight:

So now it is time to get things rolling, I may try to gather some better equip / weapons before I start testing some specs on the poor dummies ^^

If anybody is interested, I could do a new video about level 80 dungeons or even about some heroics. So, anyone who wants to see a DW DK in Heroics? And also something important: I think I am going for tank... but I am not quite sure about that for now.


Thomas said...

Hey whats up, just found your blog and am glad someone is covering dual wielding DKs.

From a DPS perspective i've been using a spec close to yours though I picked up more of the dps oriented talents.


In your spec you missed a few key talents.


Annihilation - A 3% increase in melee crit strike (and depending on how many points you put in it your Obliterate wont use up any diseases on the enemy).

Other than that I see you took Toughness, though I hope it was because you plan on OTing. Otherwise if you got it because of Bladed Armor you are only gaining 55 AP from picking up Toughness which I personally dont think is worth 5 points which could be used elsewhere.

Oh and Hungering Cold isnt too useful, it costs too much RP and is only useful in certain situations. I would take the points out of Chill of the Grave since you shouldnt have very much trouble with generating RP and even if you do pick up Butchery.

In Blood you skipped Butchery which is good for keeping up your RP for your strikes and Subversion which increases your Crit chance for Blood Strike (which you should be using to get more Death Runes) and Heart Strikes.

You picked up Blade Barrier instead which if you plan on tanking is good, though otherwise the other two talents in that tier are far more worth it.

You should have some extra talent points so putting 2 in Vicious Strikes is a good idea seeing as how You should be using atleast Plaguestrike to put Blood Plague. It increases your Plaguestrike/Deathstrike crit chance by 6% and the crit strike dmg bonus by 30%.

Oh by the way I would use a Fast OH weapon to get more Killing Machine/Rime and Rune Weapon Procs.

Whew sorry it was so long, try it out if you are interested in DW DPS, otherwise keeping the tanking talents isnt too bad an idea if you wanna gear up more quickly.

Nice blog! I'll have to come back regulerly.

Dude said...

GZ zur 80!
Was benutzt du eigentlich für ein Addon, um dir deine Buffs anzeigen zu lassen, die Balken am rechten Rand sind mir angenehm aufgefallen.
Deine DW Impressionen kann ich soweit teilen, macht tierisch Spass.
Ich hoffe das ist jetzt nicht das Ende deines Blogs.

MfG Dude