Trispec Reloaded

Being level 80 for some days now, I tried out a new sort of Trispec. I wasn't quite sure about it, because it goes a bit in frost and unholy as well, but not deep enough in both trees to get the bigger stuff. So I thought this would be a decrease in DPS. But I was wrong.

The Spec I am talking about is: 15/31/25

The big deal with it is the increased damage against single targets, thx to "Necrosis" and "Blood-Caked Blade". Howling Blast keeps things going for groups and still crits nice, even without "Tundra Stalker" or "Guile of Gorefiend". With the Deep Frost DW Spec I used before, crits where above 4500 or even 5000 with Howling Blast. Now it is between 4000 and 4500. Still doing well. Really interesting is, that thanks to "Killing Machine" HB is between 60% to 70% critical, which is really awesome!

BCB is about 5% of the whole damage I do, Necrosis about 2% to 3%. Most of the damage is done with HB and Melee.

I also did some heroics now, and in every single dungeon I was 1st place in damage with this spec. I am able to do 2800 to 3000 dps on mob groups, single targets are up to 1900 to 2100 dps for now. Still improving my gear!

Basic Rotation for mobgroups:

IT - PS - Pestilence - HB - BB - DC - HB

But I don't keep it always like that, I am very flexible during fights, so sometimes after HB I do another Pestilence to keep Diseases spreading out and ticking, or I through in some DnD for more AoE.

Rotation for Bossmobs:

IT - PS - HB - BS(BB) - BS(BB) - DC - HB - DC

If you have questions, please go ahead and comment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Endurol,

I'm reading your blog for several weeks now and it is really interesting. Keep it up !

There are not much DK's dualwielding on my server so I want to give it a go. What stats should I focus on ? hit, str or what would your recommend. I got enough titansteel to create myself the Titansteel Bonecrusher, though that one lacks +hit. So should I waist my money on that or should I save it to create the two dps plate items.

I'm currently unholy specced and using the Titansteel Destroyer, on a heroic Violet Hold run I do 1500 dps. if there are groups I get around 2000 dps but if I see your single target dps i'm probably doing something wrong. Maybe it is my rotation or my hit rating which is only 115.

Is it best to have a slow main-hand and a fast off-hand as a DK?

Sorry for all the questions and my bad English.

Keep on going with your blog it is really nice to read.

Best regards Monnik,
80 DK @ Twisting Nether EU

Edurol said...

Hi Monnik,
you should focus on Hit, then Crit and Str. Those are the main Stats, after all of that you can gather some Haste if you want.

I am also Blacksmith but did not smith anything for now, because I am not sure about it... there are so many beautiful Drops in Heroics and Naxx with Hit, Crit and Str. I would save the stuff for later.

And yes, it is best to have slow main and fast offhand. If you speak german, I can offer you my guide which I am developing:


himoura_kenshin85 said...

i have a question what are the runeforges you utilize. I am currently using Fallen Crusader main hand and Cinderglacier off hand.and if you can suggest any thing else here is my armory link http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thunderhorn&n=Rukiakuchki .I've bee doing alot of research on DWDK and I saw your post and I'm currently testing the build you posted.

himoura_kenshin85 said...

btw whats with the new build i saw the spec are you testing something new??