Sartharion Experience

Today was the first time I got the chance to participate at a raid, we did 10-man Sartharion and it was really exciting. I tried the new spec which was posted by Norjena: 0/32/39

Basic rotation:

IT - PS - HB - BS - BS - DC
PS - IT - IT - DC - HB - DC

Pushing the magical damage to a higher level with this build, including more Icy Touch because of the Death Runes. I need to stack more Hit and Crit to get Killing Machine going, and I also think of using two fast weapons for more hits and more crits.

At the end of the raid recount was the following:


Anonymous said...

Hello Edurol

what glyphs are you using for that 0/32/39 spec ?
Nice interesting blog to read. Keep it up.

Mfg Gorshade

Anonymous said...

WOW i am so suprised at the amount of DPS your doing, DW FTW!

love the blog, thanks.

Anonymous said...

You wouldnt by any chance have recorded that fight with that spec. i would love to see it in action.

Longshot said...

Whrere does that 66% CRIT on Howling Blast comes from!? O_O
It's just Killing Machine!?!?

Edurol said...

Glyphs I use:
Death Strike
Death & Decay
and some smaller ones I don't have in mind now... ;-)

I may record a new movie when we do another raid this weekend...

And @Longshot yes, this is only because of Killing Machine. I am able to reach over 70% with some luck, and the better the gear will get, the more Killing Machine will Proc :)