Sartharion Movie

Again we visited Sartharion in normal mode, and I took the opportunity to shoot some scenes of this encounter and show it to you in full length. It was not the best try, but it worked all out and everyone in our group who did not know this encounter did a great job.

The problem you can see there is that the Ghoul does not survive long enough in such a battle with many spells and explosions 'n' stuff... really looking forward to the talent overwork to reduce the damage. Also I have some problems with the Gargoyle. In most bossfights it just gets blown apart after a few seconds.

I think there needs to be done some work, like making the Gargoyle nearly "invulnerable" to AoE Damage or something like that because he floats over the battle... it is really annoying to loose a good DPS help which has a CD of 3 minutes but does not even survive a few seconds.

So enough of that talk, here is the link to the movie - Stream will be up soon:

Sartharion - DualWield DeathKnight PoV Movie

The recount of this encounter was the following:

- Melee
- Howling Blast
- Icy Touch
- Frost Fever
- DeathCoil
- Blood Plague
- Necrosis

If you watch my Scrolling Combat Text closely you can notice the BCB and Necrosis Proccs as well as their damage. It is nice to see that BCB keeps being under the top 8 damage sources, but I am really thinking about dropping Necrosis... 5 points are not worth just 2% to 3% damage. Maybe put them in Virulence and Outbreak for more AoE Damage.

What do you think?


Menarche said...

What's cooldown counter?

Shingen said...

Hallo Edurol,
super Blog hast Du hier, hab mich quasi von Dir überzeugen lassen auch auf DW zu speccen und komme damit super klar (und mache auch mehr DMG). Meine Frage wäre, in welcher Präsenz Du kämpfst. Ich kann mich derzeit nicht zwischen Blut und Unholy entscheiden. Klar, Blood macht mehr DMG, aber ich habe das Gefühl, dass meine DPS mit unholy höher sind. Was meinst Du dazu ? Gruß, Shingen (Wrathbringer-PvP)

Edurol said...

Auf jeden Fall Blut da 15% Dmg auf alles wesentlich stärker ist. Unholy ist nur im Soloplay zu empfehlen da die Mobs da nicht lange genug stehen um ne Rotation durchzubekommen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Edural,

some really nice blog u got here :)
Keep up the great update, vid looks really nice, was curious for some time how dw would be, but now I know!

Just curious wich weapons u use in the vid.

gl with your site!