First test using 0/20/51 selfbuffed on a 60% hp bossdummy. It was really interesting.

Slow / Fast with Crusader / Berserking
HoW + BS
Blood Presence
Buff-Food and Elixier of Accuracy

Recount for this ~5 min Test:

1. Icy Touch
2. Melee
3. Unholy Blight
4. Frost Fever
5. Necrosis
6. Blood Plague
7. DeathCoil
8. BCB

At first it was very odd to play this new rotation, so in the first try I was only able to do about 2580 dps. Then I tried it again, more concentrating on the rotation, and I managed to push it to over 2750 dps.

Every KM that procced was used up for IT, I couldn't see any overwriting of KM, it really isn't proccing as good as it was before the patch. Because of this, IT is only about 55% critical. But you get so much RP that you can cast UB everytime you need to, and you even have enough RP to cast the Gargoyle and refresh UB or cast a DC between it.

Rotation I use consists of 2 cycles:

PS - IT - BS - BS - UB - DC
PS - IT - IT - IT - IT - DC - DC (or UB if needed)

I will test it tonight when going Naxx 10men... really excited how it will play there.


Bastian said...

hast du mal 0/45/26 getestet mit unrelentling armor und anihilation?

Anonymous said...


verfolge den blog schon eine Weile, wirklich gute Arbeit.
Was ich mich momentan frage: du hast auf dem Equip ausreichend "to hit" um auch spell-hitcapped zu sein. Warum skillst du das dann noch im Talentbaum UND wirfst dir noch ein hit buff food ein?

Anonymous said...


Did you test in raid 10 or 25 man?
I'm interested to know how is the result.

Anonymous said...

What addons do you have for your UI?