KM news

Ghostcrawler was talking about KM again... no good news for us:

"We originally talked about letting the MH and OH both proc but at different rates (Windfury does something like this). Then we became convinced that dual wielding by DKs would probably sitll be good even without the OH procs from Killing Machine. Now it is just main hand procs at a frequency of 5 per minute.

PPM is a statistical average, so you will see a lot of variation unless you test for a long time. But we'll keep an eye on this thread and the talent itself to make sure."
Source: Off. Forums

That is why KM is proccing so bad for us. No OH proccs. Imho one of the worst changes for us.

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Iyn / Wrathbringer said...

That's not only why it's proccing so bad for dualwield, but also does 2h proc KM exactly the same as DW.
I tested my 0/33/38 with a 2handed weapon instead of DW and was able to deal a little more dps (about 100, but the 2h is ilvl 213, my 1hs only 200 =/ that should make the difference)