KM - Bug or Feature?

There seems to be another hidden "nerf" for KM as some tests from a user on MMO and the US Forum showed.
Source: US Forums (page 3, posting #56)

44 minutes, only Slow Mainhand, no Offhand:

~ 5 PPM with over 200 procs

44 minutes, Slow / Fast as usual for DualWield:

~ 2 PPM and only around 130 procs

Something is going wrong there, KM is only possible to proc from the MH, so far so good, but if you are using 2 weapons like it is usual for DualWielding, KM procs get cut in half.

Why is that? Did anyone notice that?
You can check it for yourself when hitting the bossdummy to get a proof of that.


Teks said...

this isnt really a bug/nerf.
equipping an OH weapon increases your total missrate, including the MH.

thats the way it has always been

Anonymous said...

Für die aktuelle Situation könntest du dann dein 0/20/51 auf 5/5 Icy Talons ändern und 2/5 KM. Wäre interessant obs dann immer noch bei 2 ppm für KM bleibt.

Oder doch gleich die 10/10/51 ausm deathkngiht.info forum?

Anonymous said...

So...whats the plan now.

Still stay DW?

Is it still viable spec in raids?

Because i have a bit of a problems. I try to copy your stats/items/rotation/build etc to get numbers same as you have on boss dummy but i just cant.

I am doing about 2.3k now that i took some points out of holly and distributed them into blood for more attack power and to get Deathchill from frost tree.

I am no where near you stats (lacking about 100 strenght to get somewhere near yours.

Anyway. My point is i am stilldoing OK in raids ... top 3 in 25 and 1st on 10 man. But was wondering if now 2h is more viable on single target? What are your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

What addons do you use for your UI and action bars?