Nerfing DualWield...

...is the wrong way. As always, Blizzard seems to just take the easiest path to reach their goal => absurd nerfing. You don't look at the whole picture. You just see that some players are able to do tremendous DPS. But that is only a small part of the community imho.

Players visiting my blog ask me very often how to reach 3k or even 4k DPS and many are wondering and asking me how to reach over 5k dps? How this could ever be possible using DW. And this is enough proof for me to see that not many players are able to make the DK look OP.

But it seems that the developers are not noticing that. They just see "ololol big numbers n33d nerf" and that is all.

Furthermore, we are not alone. Good 2hand DKs can do some brutal DPS too. Hunters can do. Even Retris, Furywarriors or Enhancers can do some immense amount of DPS. If the player is able to do so and has the knowledge, it is not a big problem. If a raid only consists of 2 very good players who pull off some insane DPS, what does that mean for the rest?

And that is being overlooked by the developers too.

And honestly... I don't think Blizzard does understand how DW works. Seriously, you guys programmed the DK, but oh well... You know that basically a DK is dependant of weapon damage? And that this is not very effective for DualWielding? So what will a DW DK do?

Yes, he will concentrate on spells, instants, no skills with weapondmg. That is simple logic.
So if you nerf the mainspells for the only way for a DW to do damage, you nerf the whole DW DK and make it useless, not even worth a choice.

Is that the path to go? No it is not!

My suggestion is to seperate the 2 choices some more, make the talent trees a bit different... put some DW talents in there, but deep enough to make it hard to decide which one to take, making it impossible to do a strong dualspecc that gets everything you need for ultimate DW DPS.

Change the mechanics, let DW use both weapons when striking with a melee ability. Using that, a nerf for KM or BCB could look ok.
And thinking about that, there is no real seperation at the moment. No special ability just for DW. No special ability just for twohand. Why not?

Why not implement one or two new abilities that use both weapons when striking, like we can see it at Enhancement Shamans. And those abilities could be dependant of what Rune-enchantement you have on your weapon...

Just some ideas...

And Necrosis surely needs some improvement... even with DW it is useless, doing about 2% to 3% of the overall dmg for 5 points. I am pretty sure that the devs didn't even know about that...

Sorry for being emotional guys - but it is hell to be that helpless when reading what Blizzard is thinking about DualWield DKs - and you cannot do anything about it.


Anonymous said...

Da bin ich mal ganz deiner Meinung!

Wenn Blizz echt Killing Machine nur 1!!! mal pro Minute proccen lassen will und die Gargoyle auch nerfen wollen,dann haben DW DKs nicht nur keinen AE dmg mehr,sondern auch keinen single target DMG!

Ich weiß ned wieso Blizz es so eilig hat SO arge Änderungen sofort zu machen,wo vl. 1% aller DKs Dual Wield spielen, und die meisten davon 0 Ahnung haben. Andere Klassen haben viel mehr DMG Potenzial und sind um einiges einfacher zu spielen, aber hauptsache man nerft gleich die Hauptdmgquellen von nem nicht-mainstream specc der von wenigen Attacken und Crit/Procc Glück abhängt.


Nacmacfeegle (Sargeras EU) said...

I totally aggree with you.