PTR Informations

With the new PTR Patch comes a new KM correction, confirmed by some players in US:

It is not possible to procc KM on offhand hits.
For now, KM will only procc on hits with your mainhand.

This is the new fix for KM and it really hits DW hard. I tried it out this morning using the 0/44/27 again and I was able to notice that KM now proccs much less than before. Now there is no big difference between the two classic DualWield Talentbuilds, and I remembered that the decent amount of 2600 dps was because of "Merciless Combat" and the bossdummy being on 1% hp all the time. Sorry for that.

This morning I had the chance to test a bossdummy with over 6 million HP and no one else testing there...

Slow MH with Cinderglacier
Fast OH with Razorice
Blood Presence, HoW and Ghoul

DPS: 2100
HB, IT and FS only about 50% critical

Slow MH with Cinderglacier
Fast OH with Razorice
Blood Presence, HoW, BS and Ghoul

DPS: 2200

KM now proccs really bad... there are many gaps between the proccs, and sometimes it doesn't procc during a whole cycle of 2 rotations. The bug of HB lowers the DPS a bit, so I think you can do about 100 to 200 more DPS with each specc.

Only good news: Necrosis is doing pretty fine! Up to about 7% from 3% of the overall damage, surpassing BCB, this clearly is the only buff for now.

But this surely is a nerf for our beloved DualWield Spellknight, currently doing over 2700 dps on Live when soloing the bossdummy.


Anonymous said...

wenn ich das so seh freu ich mich dass ich mir noch n paar 2h waffen besorgt hab für n deep unholy specc :)


Anonymous said...

wie schön, das ich gestern abend meine dkp-punkte für ne 1handwaffe ausgegeben habe,
nur um kurz darauf lokens axt beim npc zu verticken.. -.-*

Edurol said...

Wer DualWield spielen möchte so wie ich, wird das auch weiterhin tun - egal was kommt, ich bleibe DW und stehe dazu.

Weil es mir Spaß macht :)

Anonymous said...

tja - der trend geht halt einfach in richtung 2 langsame 1-händer - speed brauch keine sau mehr, die procs von killin' machine sind eh an den waffenspeed angeglichen.
macht man wahrscheinlich sogar mehr damage durch BcB.

btw edu:
ist tundrastalker effektiver als impurity.
hab mir mal ne gimpgruppe gesucht und hab ein paarmal auf patchwork eingehauen, wobei abzusehen war, das der raiddamage net reicht für den -> konnt ich immer schön umskillen gehen zwischen den tries :-)