It is impossible to have a bossdummy for you alone with enough HP to test... no matter where or when. So I guess we will have to wait until the patch goes live to see how good Necrosis works out.

As for now, I did some further tests to have some comparison... only selfbuffed with HoW and BS using Blood Presence and Ghoul.

Live Server:

Fast / Fast => ~2600 DPS
Slow / Fast => ~2400 DPS

PTR Test:

Fast / Fast => ~2500 DPS
Slow / Fast => ~2300 DPS
Slow / Slow => ~2300 DPS

I used Crusader on the Mainhand and Razorice on the Offhand, only the last test on the PTR with slow / slow was done with Cinderglacier and Razorice. Each fight lasted appr. 5 minutes and I did about 800,000 dmg each fight.

As I said before, the Gargoyle Nerf hits us more than anything else. It is interesting to see that two fast weapons on the PTR are still better than the slow / fast or slow / slow combination. I think this is what Blizzard meant in the last bluepost when they said, that for now KM isn't working like they wanted it to. There are still enough proccs, even if there are moments where nothing proccs and you loose DPS.

I am curious to see how it will work out in a raid using slow / fast or slow / slow. But as it is for now, it clearly is a nerf for DualWield.

Edit - Interesting Test

I specced 0/44/27 to see how it will turn out.
Using Slow / Fast - Blood Presence - Crusader + Razorice - Ghoul
Selfbuffed with HoW, no Desecration, no BS

And I was able to do ~2400 dps

Recount showed:
HB, followed by Melee, FS and IT.
HB was ~66% crit, FS 67% crit, IT 67% crit

I was able to use every single KM procc thanks to FS, which critted about 3,200 up to 3,800. I was a bit surprised because there was no Desecration and no BS to push the overall dmg, so I expected to do lesser damage than above.

Maybe I try out Cinderglacier to see if I can push it a bit more. But this talentspecc is becoming more interesting... I will watch it closely.

Second Edit:

With Cinderglacier on slow MH I was able to squeeze out ~2600 dps. KM is really proccing very well, I think there will be done some correction... 0/44/27 is working to good with it, having 3 different skills to use up KM.


Anonymous said...

Nice But what rotations you used?

Ikarius - Lvl 80 DK Forscherliga said...

What about 0/44/27 with a 2hand Weapon for higher FS-Crits and Obliterate ?
Would this be an option though KM will be ppm ?

Anonymous said...

2600 dps with 0/44/27 sounds like nice, but the problem which I see is the ghoul dies maybe often in bossfihts, like saphiron, heigan or other encounter with aoe damae.

So without night of the dead we have a proplem :|

and I think look at the pet and heal them is very difficult.

do you have a solution for that?

plz write any more :) nice work!

Deathscythe @realm Das Syndikat

Anonymous said...

Hehey! Nice blog. Respeced as a DW dk and the dps is pretty good. 4.4k dps 25man patchwerk straight after the respec =). Anyway my question is, what is the hit cap with DW dk? Got 353 atm but I wanna switch my chest so it drops down to 300.