PTR Test

Tonight I accessed the PTR to test my Spellknight with the 0/32/39 talentbuild and to see how the changes will effect the DPS. Unfortunately it was a bit full there, so I was not alone at the bossdummy, and due to the low HP of it, Necrosis wasn't recorded correctly, so the recount is a bit falsified.

I will try it again tomorrow moring, hopefully there wont be so many players around.

What I can tell after those first 5 minutes of fighting alone, only selfbuffed against the bossdummy is, that you are able to use the KM proccs more effectively.

I used a slow Mainhand with Crusader and a fast Offhand with Razorice, fighting in Blood Presence with my Ghoul and just selfbuffed with Horn of Winter and BoneShield. The proccs for KM were acceptable, sometimes there was a small gap where nothing procced, but then again it kept proccing really smooth. I was able to use HB better without the CD as you can see on the screenshot, nearly 90% critical hits with HB after 5 mins. It is really nice to use HB now without the CD. Nearly everytime KM proccs you can use HB and therefore controll the DPS a bit better.

Unfortunately I also experienced a loss in DPS of about 200 to 300 infight. The new Gargoyle really sucks... only 30 secs up and doing lesser damage. This will also hit 2h Unholy DKs as well. But I think the DPS loss was also because of the low HP of the dummy, not everything was working correctly. We will see when doing the next test.

The new IT Glyph helps generating more RP, the new Glyph for Horn of Winter helps keeping it up a bit better, also it is really cool that it's for free now and generating 10 RP when using.

Here you have the screenshot, infight after 5 minutes:

1. Howling Blast (nearly 90% crit !!)
2. Melee Hits
3. Icy Touch
4. DeathCoil
5. Frost Fever
6. BCB
7. Blood Plague


Ikarius - Forscherliga Lvl 80 DK said...

So, how does your rotatation looks like ?

Anonymous said...

Die frage passt hier wohl nicht rein aber welches addon oder was benutzt das deine spieloberflache so aussieht? danke im voraus