To clear some things up, here you have an explanation for PPM:


For example, if you have a weapon with speed 2.0 you can put that like this:

(5)/60*(2) = 0.16

This means you have a 16% chance to procc KM on hit (not crit anymore) when using a 2.0 weapon. So this means that you can procc something like 10 or more KM in a minute, or just 4 or less... and this is what PPM means. Not just 5 proccs in a minute - it means there is a certain percentage KM can procc on a hit.

Using slower weapons, the chance to procc KM on hit will increase. Also PPM is not related to Haste, so no matter how much Haste you stack, the percentage to procc KM on hit remains the same. So if using 2 slow weapons with a good amount of haste you could come up with enough KM proccs for decent amount of DPS.

Doesn't sound that bad now, DualWield Spellknights use 2 weapons, produce more hits and therefore can produce more proccs than a Twohand DeathKnight.

Furthemore this correction of KM to PPM is also erasing one problem we had - double or even triple KM proccs which could not be used. It happened very often that KM procced so fast that we were not able to use every procc due to the GCD or rune CD.

So for now it seems that Crit will become less important. Strength and Haste will be more important when the Patch goes live. And I think 2 slower weapons will be better... stronger BCB proccs, stronger Necrosis proccs, higher white hits - and don't forget HB without CD!

Now the Nerf sounds a bit softer... ^^


cheeze said...

Hi, Necrosis does an additional dmg of your white hits as shadow dmg, it doesnt matter if you weapon is slow or fast, the dmg done by necrosis will always be the same. Though your right with the BCB dmg, it does 25% weapon dmg plus 13% for each of your diseases on the target.
The weapon dmg is taken from your mh i think it would be best if you take a slow one in your mh and a fast one in your off hand for more procs.
Yet Im not sure how its calculated, but do you get 5 ppm for each of your weapons, so doulwield would get 10ppm and 2h 5ppm? I've found an intresting post in the geran dk forum http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=7575918059&sid=3 maybe you could refer to that to explain or questen something specific.

Matthias said...

BCB got hit with the nerf bat too.
MH BCB procs will now trigger from the MH and OH BCB procs will trigger from the OH, resulting in less damage overall and it does not matter if the weapon is slow or fast.

In fact the only 2 spells that benefit from a slower Mainhand are Plague Strike and Blood Strike.
Using a fast Mainhand will bring no direct benefits except for reducing the variance of KM procs (but this is rather insignificant).

So the best choice will be a slow Mainhand for Plague- and Blood striking and a fast offhand to get smoother KM procs.

As for 5 or 10 PPM: As long as we have no evidence to disprove it, we assume that each weapon has 5 PPM, so 10 PPM in total.

I did the whole "math" here.

Conclusion is, that with average Gear the procs will go down by ~25% (from 3.65 to 4.8 seconds per proc).

Cheers, Smaug