And here it comes... unstoppable for everyone of us, Blizzard hits the DK with a Nerf:

"Killing Machine is a "ppm" now or a proc per minute. That means it will proc 5 times a minute with 5 ranks, depending on your weapon speed. We generally use ppm when we do not want players to gravitate towards faster weapons with the sole purpose of improving proc rates.

Killing Machine now is based on autoattack hits, not crits. Overall the random element will decrease, but it won't greatly benefit faster weapons. It will still benefit dual wield, just not as much."

Now Killing Machine will procc from our melee hits, not from crits any more. This sounds kinda good, but the new PPM mechanics is making this whole thing kinda bad for us. Now it also is useless to use 2 fast weapons any longer, because it will be impossible to procc KM more often.

Further changes that will hit the DualWield Spellknight will be:

  • Necrosis will give your auto attacks an additional 4/8/12/16/20% shadow damage. (Up from 2/4/6/8/10%)
  • Summone Gargoyle now persists up to 30 seconds (Down from 1 minute). Damage from Gargoyles has been reduced from 64-86 to 51-69

KM is nerfed, Gargoyle is nerfed, Necrosis gets buffed... lets see how this will change our DPS. I am now thinking of going with 2 very slow weapons. BCB was corrected for the Offhand, Necrosis DMG will be doubled and KM can't proc more than a few times per minute... So it may be nice to have the slowest weapons possible to reach higher white hits and crits, more dmg with Necrosis and higher BCB proccs. Also when playing in a raid, having some decent buffs, this could turn out very good.

I will test that...

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Anonymous said...

Keine Ahnung was sich Blizz wieder dabei denkt; zuerst der Buff "Heulende Böe hat keinen CD mehr" und jetzt 5 PPM für Killing Machine.

Meiner Meinung nach sind 5 PPM doch etwas wenig, vor allem wenn mans gewohnt ist schnelle Waffen zu haben.

Noch dazu kommt dass die 1h Waffenauswahl momentan echt BESCHISSEN ist um es so zu sagen; kaum Bosse die was droppen,und dann ne Dropchance von unter 20% oder so.

GG Blizz,epic fail